3 Top Technology Careers in 2023

3 Top Technology Careers in 2023

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Top Technology Careers

In today’s digitally-driven world, technology careers offer a multitude of opportunities for individuals looking to make their mark in an ever-evolving landscape.

The employment outlook in Europe is generally positive despite concerns about a potential recession, global economic pressures, and recent layoffs at many technology careers
companies during the spring and summer.

Especially so in technology, where many sub-sectors of the IT industry are thought to be (so far) fairly recession-proof, especially across industries like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity (cyber), and cloud services (cloud).

In fact, the tech industry is booming like we haven’t seen it since the dot-com bubble days, with global IT spending projected to reach $4.5 trillion by the beginning of 2023, an increase of 5.1% from the previous year’s projections.

A recent global survey of tech workers found that job-hoppers can boost their income by as much as 12%. Following the advice below will help you stay ahead of the competition in 2019, whether you’re already working in cybersecurity or are a professional looking to break into UX.

3 Top Technology Careers in 2023
3 Top Technology Careers in 2023 admin | Digithots


Cybersecurity is increasingly important as more of our financial life moves online. The European Central Bank found that 74% of internet users have bought something online in the past three months. Cybersecurity-savvy IT specialists are needed for online banking, shopping, and cryptocurrency. Security is the biggest issue for companies worldwide, and demand for security experts is rising rapidly.

Upskilling in data encryption, risk mitigation, firewalls, and software security will set you apart in cybersecurity. The House of Talent Job Board has dozens of cybersecurity jobs, including Bankers Healthcare Group’s Cyber Security Analyst position and American Express’s Cyber Security Architect position, both of which are remote. Both roles require knowledge of DDoS, botnets, and advanced malware.

UI/UX Design

UX designers often ask “What makes a website great?” In a post-Covid world where more people do daily tasks online, user experience and interface have improved. Digital users now expect the same quality as in-person services. According to Gartner’s global research, 65% of customers think online companies should improve their virtual customer service, and 75% expect a personalized experience.

As companies struggle to keep up, demand for UI and UX designers is rising exponentially. Information architecture, wireframing, virtual design, and user research and testing are useful skills for designers who want to capitalize on the demand. Angular Material and DeveXtreme must be learned. The House of Talent Job Board has over 100 UX roles, from PayPal’s remote Consumer Design Director position to Objektkultur Software’s entry-level remote Frontend Software Engineer position.


Martech includes SEO research, automation, and email marketing. The potential is huge.
Ecommerce principles, Shopify, HubSpot, and social media marketing and optimization best practices should be prioritized. Copywriting, display ads, and email marketing will also help newcomers.

The House of Talent Job Board lists dozens of martech jobs, including Apple’s eCommerce Product Manager and LevelUp Group’s Email Marketing Automation Consultant. Both roles require candidates who can spot digital trends before the public does and are interested in consumer behavior