All Android Apps That Support ‘Material You’ Icons

All Android Apps That Support 'Material You' Icons

Image Credits : Pixabay

Material You is one of Android Apps most recent and impressive features. It was introduced with Android 12 and automatically adjusts your smartphone’s UI elements based on your wallpaper choice. If the image contains a lot of green and black, for example, UI elements will change to match. It’s a simple but effective idea for making your phone’s design elements feel more cohesive.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps that work with Material You. While Google continues to develop the majority of Material You-supported apps, the number of third-party apps is steadily increasing.

All Android Apps That Support 'Material You' Icons
All Android Apps That Support ‘Material You’ Icons admin | Digithots
  1. 1Password 8 – Password Manager
  2. Amex
  3. Battery Guru: Battery Health
  4. Beeper – Unified Messenger
  5. Brave Private Web Browser
  6. Bitwarden Password Manager
  7. Bundled Notes – Lists, To-do
  8. Cafe Buddy
  9. Cast My Radio
  10. Cync (the new name of C by GE)
  11. Dashlane Password Manager
  12. Element – Secure Messenger
  13. ESPN
  14. Exposure Calculator
  15. FotMob – Soccer Live Scores
  16. Frameo: Share to photo frames
  17. Genius Scan- PDF Scanner
  18. Infinity for Reddit
  19. Inware
  20. iOSXPC Wallpapers
  21. Joey for Reddit
  22. LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News
  23. Lichess Free Online Chess
  24. MyWallApp® – Wallpapers
  25. MicCheck- Record and Organize
  26. Musicolet Music Player
  27. Offline Diary
  28. Opera Browser: Fast & Private (beta)
  29. Opera GX: Gaming Browser
  30. Pano Scrobbler for LastFM
  31. Pinterest
  32. Pix Wallpapers
  33. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.
  34. Pocket Casts – Podcasts Player
  35. Podcast Addict: Podcast player
  36. Public: Stocks, ETFs, & Crypto
  37. Reddit
  38. Relay for Reddit (Pro)
  39. Repainter · dynamic themes
  40. Retro Music Player
  41. Shortcut Maker
  42. Signal Private Messenger
  43. Skit – apps manager
  44. Sleep as Android: Smart alarm
  45. Sync for Reddit
  46. Symfonium: Music player & cast
  47. Telegram
  48. Telegram X
  49. Url Checker
  50. Vivino: Buy the Right Wine
  51. Vivaldi Browser
  52. VLC for Android
  53. WhatsApp Messenger
  54. Yandex Translate
  55. Yaste Kodi Remote

With luck, all of our favorite Android apps will be outfitted in Material You this year. Only time will tell which service will be the first to use dynamic themes.