Apple’s iOS 16 update: Important Things to Know

Image Credits : Pixabay

The new iOS 16 version that Apple released on September 12 made several significant (and minor) changes to everyone’s iPhone. Here is everything you need to be aware of before updating.

Every year, Apple makes significant software updates to keep the iPhone modern. Additionally, it is simultaneously accessible for all compatible devices, unlike Google’s Android. The update for this year is significant, adding a brand-new lock screen that can be personalized with widgets and typefaces that were previously restricted to the home screen.

So, What’s New?

Unsend and edit iMessages:

Within 15 minutes of sending a message in iMessage, users can edit or unsend it.

Schedule emails ahead of time:

The built-in Mail app on iPhones will allow users to schedule emails to send later.

Safety Check:

With this, users can quickly disable any services or apps that share their location with other people, like family members.

New methods for managing notifications:

When your phone is locked, notifications now show up at the bottom of the screen, where you can easily hide them to keep them out of the way.

Lock screens:

Users can customize will allow them to add smaller widgets that provide real-time data to their lock screens.

Multiple stops in Apple Maps:

Users can now add additional stops to a route, allowing you to include a pit stop at the coffee shop on your way to work.

Apple Pay Later.

This feature allows users to pay off purchases made with Apple
Pay through four payments over six weeks. Apple Wallet in iOS 16 will also make it easier to share digital cards or home keys through messaging.

“Hey Siri, hang up.”:

Siri will hang up a FaceTime or phone call for you. You just have to say, “Hey Siri, hang up.”

How to update iOS 16 on your iPhone

1.Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
2.Select “General.”
3.Simply select “Software Update.” Once the update has finished downloading, your iPhone will restart itself.