CherryMenu – ​​Digital Food Menu for Restaurants & Cafes

CherryMenu – ​​Digital Food Menu

Image Credits : Pixabay

CherryMenu offers an innovative, professional, and simple Digital Food Menu solution for restaurants and cafes. Even the most busy restaurants should periodically adjust their marketing strategy. In the digital age, restaurants are trying to draw a generation bombarded by digital media by becoming digitally focused. Digital menus and menu boards are no longer available for the foodie.

If restaurants want to ditch their traditional menu and go digital, they should abandon traditional menus and accept digital menu boards for their restaurant or café. CherryMenu has developed new possibilities for the restaurants and cafes. They assist in creating a wonderful experience for the customers.

With CherryMenu, Restaurant / Cafe is able to achieve a multitude of benefits.

For Example:

  1. Smart automation to update the menu quickly
  2. Customer satisfaction will reach an all-time high
  3. Eliminate costs associated with reprinting the menu
  4. Easily update the digital menu boards with new content
  5. Highlighted promotions and up sell for the customers
  6. Reduce the perceived wait times
  7. Ensure long-term cost savings

The Core Features of CherryMenu are Content Management, Dashboard, Display Management, Multi-Screen Support & Templates. Available Both on Android & iOS.

CherryMenu offers Monthly Based, Quote Based & Free Version. They offer Standard Package costs 32 USD with a 30 days trial option. In a Nutshell, Highly recommended for Restaurants and Cafes looking to go digital.