GraphQL Galaxy Conference 2022

GraphQL Galaxy Conference 2022

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GraphQL Galaxy 

GraphQL Galaxy Conference 2022 is a two-day online event that takes place on December 8 & 9, 2022. Focus Reactive is organizing this conference. The Biggest GraphQL conference in the cloud. 

Want to learn more about the GraphQL ecosystem and connect with its top experts? Come together with hundreds of other software developers from around the world in the cloud for a conference dedicated to the GQL. In addition to keynote addresses from industry leaders, attendees of the GraphQL Conference can look forward to intriguing challenges, fun interactive entertainment, and opportunities to network virtually with other attendees.

Key Topics:

  • Server Implementations
  • GraphQL Clients
  • Scaling
  • Testing
  • Performance
  • Authorization


  • Top GraphQL Speakers (Experts in their fields give engaging presentations, followed by video Q&As).
  • Virtual Networking (Participate in real-time discussion forums and you might just meet your next coworker).
  • Remote, Safe, Yet Fun (Attend virtual after-parties and competitions).


Watch and participate in video roundtables discussing niche uses of GraphQL. Spend time with folks who share your worldview.

  • December 9th GraphQL Client-Side Libraries, GraphQL Working Group.
  • December 10th, Authorization, and GraphQL for Languages Other Than JS.

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