ICT conference

ICT conference

Image Credits : Pixabay

Digital Labin is a two-day ICT conference, taking place on September 23 and 24, 2022,at the Rudarska Street 2 location in Labin, 52220. The Latest technologies and trends in the digital industry will be the focus of the conference, which will feature guests from all over the world who are Famous frontend architects, code wizards and design specialists.

On Friday, there will be five workshops on topics related to coding, design tips and tricks. On Saturday, speakers will share their knowledge and work experience, as well as talk about the most recent technologies in web, mobile, and software design & development.

There are two halls available for simultaneous conference use, and they are as follows:

1) Hangar Arena: Design & UX
If you’re into UX & UI, visit the Arena. Learn industry trends from world-changing experts. Lectures that leave you wanting more.

2) The Mining Hall: Dev and Data
Do not miss the chance to learn from top-notch experts in backend development, architecture, patterns, and other areas of development. Learn some bug-removal secrets also.

Digital Labin provides accommodation on request of the attendees with their official partner: Uniline. The attendees will be able to have a good time at the after party, which will take place after the conference, and there will be both food and drinks there.


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